Kitchenhand Serves Up Suggestion Cards


‘So what’s good?’ Is a question often asked about food. Word of mouth recommendations drives a lot of sales in the food industry and our friends at Kitchenhand really know about healthy eating. They have just released these ‘suggestion cards’ outlining quick and easy to follow instructions on how to use their range of products. By scanning the QR code, you get direct access to the Kitchenhand website where you can browse through their menus and learn about healthy eating etc. By buying their products, you also support the local food industry as they only source ingredients locally.

“Kitchenhand makes handcrafted food focusing on freshness, nutrition, and flavour. Their artisan approach begins with the discerning selection of fresh ingredients sourced from local growers. Then using authentic methods and working in small batches they create nutritious foods with exquisite, modern flavours.”
Check out the list of Kitchenhand stockists here >

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