Floral Craft is proud to be a South Australian family-owned and run wholesale business, established in 1978. They import and distribute an extensive range of competitively priced wholesale artificial flowers & greenery, glass vases, ceramic pots, baskets & hamper trays, Oasis Floral Foam, gift wrapping & packaging, florist’s sundries & accessories, Design Master sprays, ribbons and more.

VERSION was commissioned to redesign and redevelop their e-commerce website with over 2000+ products. Integration with Woocommerce and MYOB for accounting / inventory management was taken into consideration.

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I had a wonderful experience working with Michael on my design project. He paid close attention to my plan and was open to any changes I requested. I particularly appreciated his willingness to listen to my ideas and incorporate them into the design. Overall, it was a pleasure working with him. Thank you again, Michael!



ERA Business Support Officer
Eastern Business Advisory

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From The Parade Norwood Blog 28 Dec 2023:

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Discover How VERSION Design Is Helping Local Businesses Take Off

Since graduating from UniSA with a Bachelor of Visual Communications, Michael Roxas has helped to create brands for hundreds of companies and campaigns. And the co-owner of Version Design says that some basic principles apply to every business in the marketplace.

Whether you’re launching satellitesfostering the next generation of creatives or organising pop-up sushi dinners, you need a brand that tells your story effectively. “Even before you start approaching people and promoting your services,” he says, “it’s important to have your brand and your digital presence fully figured out.”

That’s because your branding is responsible for the first impression you make on consumers and collaborators alike. “It sends out a message to your client that you are serious about doing business and that you’re organised enough to look after your brand. And if your brand is not up to scratch compared to your competitors, who do you think they will approach first?”

More than simply creating something aesthetically pleasing, Version tries to tap into a business’ narrative to tell a story unique to them. Roxas uses his background in illustration and graphic design to look after most of the front end design including branding, marketing and promotions, while his business partner Simon Perrin is in charge of the digital elements.

The pair first collaborated when they founded Duografik in 2011, and the years since then have placed them at the heart of an industry undergoing dramatic changes. “In the beginning we did a lot of websites as well as big print runs of brochures and catalogues,” Roxas recalls. “But the printing budget has really declined. Nowadays it’s just website and branding,” with a few notable exceptions like the colouring books they created that sold more than 50,000 copies around the state.

Add in the emergence of social media, smartphones and new platforms, and the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment has been key to Version’s success. “We can service anyone that needs design, from startups and small businesses to government departments and large companies,” says Roxas. It means that Version’s design work is regularly seen overseas through businesses like MicroX, which manufactures and exports miniature x-rays from a base in Tonsley, though the company reached new heights when they worked with one client recently.

“My business partner designed a logo for Inovor, which is a company based at Lot Fourteen,” Roxas says proudly. “That’s now on a little satellite that’s floating up in space at the moment, which is pretty cool.”

Michael at VERSION was fantastic to work with. He brought my vision of my business to life, and helped me gain clarity about what I offer. I love the fresh, clear and warm look and feel of the website and logo, and I can’t thank him enough for his patience and guidance.

Rachell McCall was the ‘2023 Pay It Forward’ design and consulting recipient. This initiative was started to give back to the local small business community and hopefully make a difference to inspire people to help others in return. 



Psychotherapist & Counsellor
Rachell McCall Psychotherapy & Counselling

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Dan Tomkins is an artist and illustrator based in Adelaide, Australia. Creative service is at the heart of Dan’s practice and he thrives on the connection and challenge of creating work in a collaborative environment. His illustrations appear on a diverse range of projects though he is best known for his work specialising in the wine industry in both Australia and abroad.

VERSION was commissioned to create a simple and effective website that highlighted his varied works.

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The goal of fauNature is to offer products and services to attract the types of wildlife you would like to see in your own backyard.  Appropriate planting and the provision of water are the starting point, and fauNature helps you go further.

VERSION worked in collaboration with Fit4Market to produce their online shop and website. Various stationery and promotional collateral were designed and printed using existing logo and style guide.

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It was a great experience having Michael and Simon at VERSION on board to create our Logo design, colours, website and signage! They used their expertise and experience to understand our needs to develop our brand and marketing materials for our new business. VERSION’s approach is honest and transparent, and we have been very satisfied with the work they undertook for us. I can highly recommend their services.



Circadian Wealth Pty Ltd

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Para Hills High School is a co-education secondary school, serving years 8-12, located in Adelaide’s Northern Suburbs region. Para Hills High School is 1 of 124 government schools in the Para Hills West area that cater to students of various nationalities.

VERSION was commissioned to help with both exterior and interior school signage and a wayfinding system that is on-brand, clean, and simple. The process began by looking at the whole site and identifying buildings and learning zones for the entire school. Each room has been mapped and numbered so that they are easy to find by staff and students. VERSION project managed the production and installation of all signage.

Shop industrial supplies and trade tools from leading brands at Eyre Trading. Large range, in stock and ready to ship. Online or in-store.

VERSION was commissioned to refresh an existing logo with a must-include list of items on the logo. The logo created fulfilled the brief given and was utilised on signage and a comprehensive online shop.

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